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Born in a small rural town in Alabama, Rod Newman has long dreamt of the day when his life’s work would bring hope and inspiration to others.  Having been in the entertainment business for over 15 years, the recording artist is now expanding his brand to the next phase of media- a series of children Books, plays, and a televised network comedy, "The Newman Show".  

“Now that you know who you are, you can play the character.”

Rod’s desire to create stories and characters was birthed after he received these words in 2010. Having endured many daunting circumstances in the last few years, including divorce and homelessness, Newman knew that his life had purpose and that his story would someday encourage others.  During his hardship, Newman often professed “I don’t know when this will end, but in the end, I will win!” 

Winning is exactly what Rod Newman does! Newman has used his experiences and the experiences of others to write and produce a variety show. The Newman Show appeals to a diverse audience and allows Newman to “play characters" in comedic sketches and skits. A man of many talents he has also founded a non-profit, ProNation; its mission to rebuild the lives of people in the black community which will help to rebuild a New Nation.

Rod Newman is a graduate of the University of Montevallo where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Acting and Directing. A doting father of his son, Cruz, Rod Newman is a man most inspired to share his God given abilities to touch the lives of others.