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Our Team

Meet the people that allow me to do what I do, they are a bunch of Characters-- Rod Newman

NEWMAN postcard.jpg

rod newman

Writer and Creator of the The Newman Show. Rod is the creative mind behind every character, skit, and sketch written for the show. He is clearly not a comedian but laughing is not an option it is mandatory.

Thumbnail How to Love 2.png


The most loving and wisest person in Rod's life is Granny. She loves spending time with her bestie Wilda like going to clubs,, and Bonnaroo. When she's not busy cleaning house and "whooping tale" you can find her in the Church praising Jesus!

Thumbnail How to Love.png

how to love

Lil Wayne did not know that when he wrote "How to Love" that it would affect so many people in the world. Rod has dated this woman for 15 years, no wedding plans, and still claims that he doesn't have commitment issues. What do you think?

Dashiki Man.png

dashiki man

Pro-Black, pro-Lack, and Pro-Pat Sajak; Local Barber/Relationship Counselor/Sports Analyst: Dashiki Man can be seen not working in your local barbershop educating the young minds of America. His motto: " No shortcuts... No haircuts... I take the Long way, because the Long ain't the wrong way... And the Long way is the right way and I am the Right man, because I am...---Dashiki-Man

GSW thumbnail.png

gangsta signs & wonders

My dedicated and never duplicated A&R staff of overseers for finances and transportation services: Butch and Clutch provide their services on a totally volunteer- we work you pay me in $1 dollar bills. Newly hired from the hard of hearing and blind affiliated institutions they debut their talent in Rod's first sketch: Gangsta, Signs, and Wonders.